"Autumn was a complete delight to work with.  Her ideas and creativity were limitless, so much so that we gave here complete autonomy to design our centerpieces and bouquets however she saw fit.  We told her the colors and theme, and she designed them completely around our tastes and personalities.  Using coffee beans as a floral medium is still talked about to this day by our guests as a terrific idea...the sweet smell of coffee at our guests' tables was elegant and thoughtful.  Autumn is a professional who takes so much pride in her work.  Flowers are her passion, and it shows through her enthusiasm to go the extra mile to please you and make your wedding day gorgeous.  She is tasteful, kind, funny and warm...a joy to work with.  Flowers were one less thing we had to worry about for the big day...we trusted Autumn completely and were so satisfied and thrilled with her work.  My bouquet will be treasured and preserved forever...the bond we formed with Autumn will last a lifetime, thank you Autumn for making our day beautiful and for all that you did for us both as our florist, and our friend."  Sara & Mike

Nicole & Becky's photos by Jennifer Stone Photography
Caitlin & Crris' photos by Sharyn Peavey Photography
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Sara & Mike's photos by Rachel Bell Photography
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Sarah & Nery's photos by Dragonfly Photography
Nicole & Ross' photos by Nadra Photography